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As a private provider of Occupational Therapy we offer a wide range of services including the following;

  • Paediatric assessments
  • Adult and Older Person assessment
  • Specialist equipment prescription
  • Environmental assessment at work, school or college
  • Environmental assessment at home
  • Minor Adaptation recommendations
  • Major Adaptation recommendations
  • Rehabilitation
  • Lifestyle Management Programmes

If you’re unsure how an Occupational Therapist could assist you, or you need a service not listed, please get in touch to see how we can help.

Environmental Assessment/Adaptations
An individuals environment can have a huge impact on their ability to manage activities independently. We can assess someone’s home, workplace, school or college and make recommendations for adaptations that will assist, providing advice on the best funding sources for the work.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
CFS/ME affects people of all ages leaving individuals with debilitating symptoms such as; sever fatigue, painful muscles & joints, altered sleep patterns, cognitive disturbances.

Whilst there is no cure there are ways of enabling sufferers to manage their symptoms more effectively and a simple course of individual or group treatment can dramatically improve the function of someone with CFS.

The use of adaptative equipment can be instrumental in making someone’s life easier and we are skilled at providing assessment for both specialist and simple equipment.

In many instances it can be cost effective and appropriate to provide a short course of rehabilitation to enable someone to regain skills, rather than providing equipment or adaptations. We will always explore an individuals rehabilitation potential and when appropriate offer the necessary treatment course.

Social Housing
With increasing pressure on Local Authority and NHS waiting lists the demand for assessment of an individual within their own home has never been greater. We can offer a range of services to housing associations; from comprehensive assessments and reports of an individuals housing needs to minor or major adaptation requests. We are always mindful of budgetary constraints and criteria and will work closely with housing teams to ensure tenants receive the best possible service.

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